Following it is decided to manufacture in factory to contribute to national economy in 2001, Lider Unlu Mamülleri demonstrated oneself in domestic and foreign market with the high quality level that it reached after the period of 1990 taken cognizance of  importation and free economy and started to export its products to more than 20 European and world countries.

His demand to be the best in his field, being the only subject on which the founder Halis Cimşit focus has been actualized with the capacity, quality and trustworthy service mentality that he has already reached, with modern facilities having indoor area 10.000 m2   accelerated to Turkish Industry by being supplied from equity capitals starting in 20th year of foundation of Lider Unlu Mamülleri  and he has become one of a few producers who manufacture bakery products of Turkey, Middle East and Europe. Our principal products with annually capacity being 50.000 tones ; pastry, shredded wheat in syrup, Turkish type ravioli and types of cakes.

It become a reliable and trustworthy name with its specialty, profession, experience in exportation field staff, quality certified and great importance attached to customer satisfaction in world’s market. As an organization being popular ,Lider Unlu Mamülleri has succeeded and will continue to be the pride of its country.